Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fairytale or so i thought ..

Life is no fairytale...

In books, you might find some lost romance you've been dreaming of at night

In movies, you might find the perfect soul mate you're wishing for everyday

But that just might not happen … ever … in real life.

I just realized that not necessarily everything I've read about would come true... No prince in shining armor & his white horse might ever come along ... He wouldn't be madly deeply in love with me over some other gorgeous beauties … He wouldn't be miserable without me or even cry just to have me by his side … He wouldn't be the same forever & ever …

I just didn't know that or maybe didn't want to admit so … I never was the hopelessly romantic type of girl... I enjoyed chick flicks … Loved watching Romantic movies all by myself … & Romance was my favorite genre while selecting any book to read … I was living in a world of romance fantasy by myself… & thinking to myself maybe those things did come true in real life .. But somebody should have told me that they didn't. 

I realized I was expecting too much from life … & have been saving it all. Thinking that dreams come true, & I would end up with my dream job. Thought that life was a romantic dreamland, & my prince would be waiting for me, devoted to me and only me. Thought that life was pink flowery dream, where I would enjoy a peaceful, enjoyable & lovable life.

It turned out that I should give up my dream job just for the sake of getting a job that I could live on & actually get paid. It turned out that princes weren't devoted forever just for me & that I have to accept that. It turned out that life wasn't a dream, on the opposite the peaceful, enjoyable & lovable parts of it can be hardly remembered.

I'm not a pessimist person, I'm just one who expected way too much & was disappointed dramatically. Life is good, but not my fairytale I dreamed of

I just have to accept that…

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